25th  Composite Attack Squadron- "The Lobos"



Conduct Tactical Air Operations Designed to Destroy Enemy Forces and Installation within its Area of Responsibility.

25th CAS Air Assets FUNCTIONS:

Provides close air support for ground and naval           forces
Perform tactical air reconnaissance
Provide rocketry, strafing, and bombing of enemy           forces and installation
Perform organizational maintenance of assigned           aircraft and related system
Perform other functions as may be directed by           higher headquarters


          On 29 March 1976 , HPAF General Orders No. 305, dated 25 March 1975 gave birth to the 25TH Attack Squadron. Based at Sangley Air Base, Cavite City , it was mandated to provide close air support to ground and naval forces in the Western Command Area and conducted long range armed reconnaissance over the Kalayaan Island Group and the off shore oil exploration area. The unit acquired the name “Lobo Squadron” and was favorably called as the “Wolfpacks”. The “Wolfpacks” manned the T-28 aircraft or the legendary “Tora-Tora” and became an active player in various successful air operations in critical areas of the country. LTCOL TERESO J ISLETA PAF served as its first squadron commander together with 16 other officers and 36 airmen.
OV-10A on shore patrol
          However due to limited logistics then, the unit was unmanned on 01 October 1983 pursuant to GO# 426, HPAF.

          The 15 TH Strike Wing ACP Mindanao at Colonel Edwin Andrews Air Base was then created providing a focal point of coordination and control for all aircraft and personnel of 15 TH SW in the area of responsibility of Southern Command. The ACP Commander, normally the most senior officer deployed in Zamboanga, was then responsible in coordinating operational mission requirements for the 3rd Tactical Operations Wing and Southern Command. With that set-up, no permanent figure of leadership could provide Continuity of Command.

Element of Broncos at Tawi-Tawi
          Thus, on 07 July 2004 , under the initiative of the PAF Commanding General, LT GEN JOSE L REYES, the 25 th Attack Squadron was re-manned and subsequently renamed as the 25TH Composite Attack Squadron, to be based at CEAAB, Zamboanga City . This feat once again roused the “Lobos” into action and flying this time the mighty OV-10 Bronco aircraft, continues to be vigilant guardian of peace and sovereignty against all the lawless elements in Mindanao . Other 15 th SW assets deployed in Mindanao such as the MD-520 MG and SF-260 TP aircraft is now under the operational control of the squadron. The formidable “Lobos” were first commanded by LTCOL CELESTINO G TRONO V O-9453 PAF as its first Squadron Commander.

          Since the25th CAS personneln, the 25TH CAS has never cease to showcase a collective display of distinctive performance and professionalism inherent to the tradition of excellence set forth by the 15 TH Strike Wing. A well-oiled machinery and a formidable force to be reckoned with, the squadron continues to perform numerous air strike operations against Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Lost Command, Misuari Breakaway Group (MBG), Abu Sayyaf Group (ABG), Pentagon Gang, New People’s Army (NPA) and other lawless group in Mindanao-Sulu AOR.


           Despite having flown two hundred and eleven (211) combat and tactical support missions all over Mindanao , the squadron managed an accident-free flying and non-flying operations and achieved numerous accomplishments and recognitions. Hence, in the celebration of Anniversary Year 2006, the 25TH Composite Attack Squadron was a recipient of MENZI AWARD and FLIGHT SAFETY TROPHY for meritorious achievement in flight safety. Interoperability with the Philippine Navy
          The men and women of 25TH CAS were also proud recipients of various military medals in recognition of splendid achievements in the performance of their mandated mission. Most notable among these awards are the five (5) Gold Cross Medals and fifteen (15) Distinguished Aviation Cross Medals for outstanding display of airmanship during combat operations, and fifteen (15) Military Merit Medals for gallantry in action during combat operations .
          In order to further improve the OV-10’s lethality in pursuing various lawless groups which threaten the peace in Mindanao , the squadron continuously develops and hones its attack tactics. Most of the OV-10’s deployed in Mindanao are now equipped with the 20 mm Cannon to further enhance the weapons effect of the OV-10. The Night Surface Attack Tactics (NSAT) was also first utilized during the Jolo campaign of February 2005.
         The Squadron also participates in various military operations apart from its primary mandated mission. One of which is the RP-Malaysia Border Patrol Operations, by employing the OV-10’s in maritime patrol missions in the Southern tip of the country. Another is the Malaysia – Philippines Search and Rescue Exercise (MALPHI SAREX) , as part of the Disaster Relief Coordinating Council team.


Project “BLESS”

25th CAS bless Project with the beneficary students

         In line with the “Adopt-a school” program of the Philippine Air Force, the unit took part in setting up of a Day Care facility last 08 July 2005 at Brgy. Recodo, Zamboanga City . Dubbed as Project “BLESS” (Basic Literacy Education and Support System), it caters to ten (10) less fortunate but deserving children of the barangay. After completing a 14-week learning period, these students are expected to have gained a mastery of rudimentary English and basic Mathematics. Thus far, the said a pilot - teacher: giving poor kids educationproject has already produced twenty-one (21) readers and writers in the past year, and is currently completing fifteen (15) more with its present batch.
          Today, the unit is exceeding all expectations in accomplishing its mission of promoting peace and sovereignty against the lawless elements in Southern Philippines . The Lobos stand proud and vigilant as ever in safeguarding the harmony and serenity of the people of Mindanao .

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