18th Attack Squadron





Perform Close Air Support to Surface Forces
Perform Tactical Air Reconnaisance
Perform Airborne Strike Control of Air/or Surface  Forces
Provide Deployment of Combat Ready Force on Areas of               Operations
Perform other Functions as Directed by Higher Headquarters


          The 18TH ATTACK SQUADRON was activated on 02 May 1990 pursuant to GO# 141, HPAF dated 04 May 1990 in the connection with the modernization of PAF air assets and in compliance with the needs of the AFP. With its activation, it was initially named as the 18TH TACTICAL AIR SUPPORT SQUADRON, the only tactical squadron operating the fleet of McDonnel Dougleas 520 MG Helicopters known as the “Defenders”. These new fleet of MD 520 MG were utilized in various counter insurgency operation in the country.

All lined up at the fligh line          On 15 December 1993, the 18TH TASS was renamed as 18TH ASSAULT SQUADRON pursuant to GO# 5 HPAF dated 04 June 1994. Thru the implementation of GO# 163 dated 28 April 2003, all Assault Squadron were re-designated as Attack Squadron and the 18 TH AS was designated with call sign FALCON.

          More than a decade ago, a unit was activated in compliance with the needs of the AFP - the 18th Tactical Air Support Squadron. On 01 October 1990, it was immediately recognized through its MD 520 Military Gunship, better known as the Defenders.

Home of the Falcons          With only four aircraft in its inventory, the squadron quickly metamorphosed into a mean and deadly attack helicopter unit after more aircraft were delivered at Sangley Point, Cavite City. Ready for action, the Defenders were utilized in counter insurgency operations in Bacolod, Abra, and Mindoro. After its second year, it has extended its wings over the regions of Leyte, Cagayan de Oro and as far as Zamboanga.

MG-520  flying NOE         In 1996, the unit was later renamed as 18 th Assault Squadron with a new callsign FALCON. Through the years, the unit has reaped numerous awards. Among these are the 15th Strike Wing and PAF Model Tactical Squadron in 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2003 and the PAF Flight Safety Trophies in 1991, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2004. Its personnel have their own share of accomplishments. Many times that they find place in The Outstanding Philippine Soldier (TOPS) Awards for Technical Service Category and Pelagio Cruz Award for Safety. The 18TH Attack squadron was judged as the Commanding General, PAF, Best Squadron, Combat Category for CYDefenders from 18th Ready for action 2006.

          In 2000, it saw action along with all other tactical units of the Philippine Air Force in an all out war against the MILF in Mindanao. The unit made all realize that whoever controls the air, controls the surface. (Air Power Doctrines)

          In 2003, the squadron was further renamed into 18th Attack Squadron, giving rise to a new seal as it continues to perform its mandated role to the people, whether in peacetime or in war. The unit knows no limits - it thrives even more.

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