Integrity Service Teamwork Excellence Professionalism (INSTEP EXPERIENCE)

              We all live because of certain values.  As to what set of values we adhere to, it depends upon every individual.  But ultimately, the values that we have reflect the kind of life we want to live.  These values serve as our compass into guiding us to the best life we could imagine for ourselves.

                Without values, we are flying blind with no course to maintain.  This situation could only result into trouble.  As such, we need to have a set of values to guide us in our everyday lives. 

              The Air Force core values are:  Integrity, Service, Teamwork, Excellence, and Professionalism.  These words were not invented.  These have been around since time immemorial.  But it was only recently that it was set as official values of the PAF by our Commanding General.  The purpose of which is to serve as a guide for every Air Force personnel in the conduct of his everyday life, both in and off the base.

              I have been studying law in a civilian university for three years now while serving in the Air Force.  My teachers and classmates know that I am with the Air Force, and there are times that I become conscious of what they think about me.  Every time I feel this I automatically remember our core values of INSTEP.  This thought process makes me emerge as a stronger person with a definite hold of what we are and what we should be.  Miraculously, I find myself being confident and able to withstand the pressures of law school.

              In everything that we do, let us remember that we represent the Philippine Air Force.  So being, let us put into practice our core values of INSTEP in our everyday lives.  A lot of people are just walking around without any core value, and oftentimes this kind of people are the ones who are easily victimized into doing stupid and regrettable things. 

              A man who has the core values of Integrity, Service, Teamwork, Excellence, and Professionalism is a strong and formidable man.  This can only result in making that man a better person both in his professional and personal life.            



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